// Summer Activities 

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So a while ago, I made a blog post about spring activities that I really enjoyed doing after writing them down. And since summer is finally here, I decided to list all the summer-y fun activities that I want to do this year with my friends and family.

1- Ride a roller coaster, it’s the funniest thing ever !

2- Build a sandcastle, the beach is one of my favorite places, and I think it’s quite funny to build a sandcastle with your friends.

3- Go camping and roast marshmallows, you can’t go wrong while camping in summer, trust me.

4- Have a barbecue, on a sunny Sunday with your family it’s always a must in summer, especially if burgers and hotdogs are included 😉

5- Go stargazing, it’s always the best if you do it after midnight (it depends on the countries tho) on a high hill or on the beach even!

6- Go to a concert; concerts season is the best. I really can’t wait to watch a bunch of my favorite bands performing.

7- Watch the sunset from the beach, do I really need to describe the amazing colorful  view?

8- Go fishing, you may find it boring but it’s really not!

9- Collect seashells, and go on pinterest to find some cute DIYs for your room.

10- Have a sleepover, what’s best than spending time with your best friends and staying awake all night while eating pizza and snacks?

What’s your favorite summer activity? Make sure to let me know 🙂

– Marilyn


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