// The Best Phone Apps

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I recently purchased the iPhone 7 in the color gold. And let me tell you, this phone is amazing. I downloaded many apps over the years, and I can finally say that I only have the most useful ones on my phone. So I thought I’d share with you guys some of these apps:


1- WhatsApp: this is the most easiest used app for chatting! It is my all time favorite and my most used app.


2- Instagram: should I really explain why this is one of my favorite app? I mean, we all know it’s the best application to share and explorer some of the pictures we take.


3- Snapchat: the app that is basically used by everyone to let them know what their friends are doing.


4- Pinterest: if you are in a need of new ideas, gift ideas, fashion looks, tips or anything… pinterest always has your back!


5- Wattpad: do you enjoy reading? this is the best reading app ever! I made a blog post about the stories you must read there, go check it!


6- Shazam: if you are in a taxi, or in a restaurant and an unknown song comes up that you really like, shazam it! And you’ll instantly know what song it is.


7- Peak: it’s basically a brain training game. It includes daily workouts that helps with you memory and mental agility.


8- Spotify: everything is better with music, right? I always listen to my jams on this app, it’s the best trust me!


9- Google map: it’s my go-to app since I tend to forget a lot of places and roads! This app will make your life easier and faster!

10- WordPress: it’s kind of obvious that I use this app, don’t you think? Downloading the app on your phone is a must!

So here are my 10 best phone apps, what’s your favorite app? Make sure to let me know xx

– Marilyn


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