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// Prom Essentials


It’s prom season! I think, us girls, consider prom like marriage. I mean it is a huge event, right? My prom is one month away and really don’t want to mess things up that day. So I kinda searched for some prom essentials that I must not forget to bring with me to prom and I made a list of them:

1- Lipstick, we all know it won’t last all the night! So for a fresh look, make sure to put a lipstick in your purse.


2- Bobby pins and hair ties, who knows when your hair will free it wild and crazy side? for more precautions make sure to bring a tiny hairspray bottle.


3- Mini mirror and powder, some of us have an oily skin and for a night such as prom, a touch-up won’t affect anyone! Make sure to have a mirror in case there is no bathrooms near you!


4- Mini perfume, prom can take more than 3 hours and a wild night like this requires some perfumes especially if you’re the kind of person that sweat a lot.


5- Blotting papers, the 2 tips above both requires blotting paper to keep your makeup and sweat in check!


6- Bandages, heels can be quite painful especially after a long night full of dancing.


7-Gum, for a long-lasting refreshing breath!


8- Camera, no need to tell you why you should take a camera with you to prom: capture the moment!

Here are the things I’ll be bringing with me to prom! Is there something I forgot to mention ? Make sure to let me know xx







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