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// 7 Study Tips You Must Know



Finals are around the corner! Personally, I really want to ace my finals this year since it’s my last one in school! (let’s take a moment of pure joy, haha). I’ve been searching for some tips since last year and I’ve been using them.. and boy how much things have changed.

1- Settle for a clean place, I mean working in a messy place is quite stressful don’t you think? It makes me less productive and I find it disturbing to work well.


2- Healthy snacks and drinks, before you start studying grab a healthy snack and drink some coffee or tea, caffeine makes me more productive, and leave some snacks next to you; it can motivate you!


3- Memorizing notes, make sure to read over your notes the week before your finals before going to bed, don’t leave them for the last day before your exams. Repetition is key to memorize and understand better.


4- Put your phone away, it’s a distraction. So go ahead and put away and make sure to turn off all the sounds of it.


5- Give yourself a break, after each hour of full focus take at least 5 to 10 minutes break. You can reward yourself by some “phone” time 😉


6- Different colors, writing your notes with different colors pens can make it easier for you, trust me. Especially if you write the important points such as definitions and formulas, don’t forget to use sticky notes to make things more neat!


7- Positive vibes, encourage yourself. Talking negatively and telling yourself you’re not going to do well can lead to you failing this test! I’ve been there, I used to tell myself negative things and I used to fail some tests because of that! So stay positive, you’ll do just fine.

So here are my most useful tips for acing my finals! What are the tips that you use? Let me know 🙂




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