// Spring Activities


Finally, spring is no more around the corner! I’ve been in a very good mood lately due to the weather’s warming up and the color green taking over again. So I decided to list down a few activities I’d like to do this year and to share it with you guys!

  • Jog outside, I’ve started working on my tips to lose weight and with the perfect warm weather jogging is definitely a good idea!


  • Ride a bike, I personally find this activity quite relaxing, especially with some headphones.


  • Having a picnic, it has to be one of the most exciting things I do annually! I mean nothing could go wrong with it. Make sure to tag along some friends and family.


  • Finding a four-leaf clovers, I ALWAYS seem to find three-leaf clovers and I’m kind of determined to find four-leaf ones this spring.


  • Swing on the swings, ever since I was a kid I always went ecstatic when I spotted a swing, one of my guilty pleasures!

Here is what I’ll be doing this spring, what’s your favorite spring activity?

– Marilyn


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