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My Kylie Cosmetics Purchase

My Kylie Cosmetics Purchase_edited.jpg

That moment when you’re waiting for an order to arrive and you just can’t wait for it.

Well that’s how I’ve been feeling for the past two weeks.. and you can’t imagine how thrilled I was (I still am :P) when my order came.

So I ordered three Kylie lip kits: spice, ginger and the holiday edition in the shade merry.


I’m sure that you know by now that the shades are GREAT. All the colors are flattering from the nudest color to the darkest one. Not to mention the fact that they literally became so popular and noticeable in a short time.


Let’s take a moment and appreciate the formula of the lip kits, I mean everyone is talking about the fact that these lip kits are the best ones so far in the market, well I do believe that’s definitely not a lie because of their pigmentation, their coverage and their “stay” duration.

Now let’s talk about the liners. I really can’t describe these. Their formula is so butter-y and smooth! And not to forget their pigmentation and how easy you can apply them.


Kylie’s liquid lip kits = pigmentation.

Especially when it dries down to matte so you can do whatever you want without worrying about your lips.

So what’s your favorite Kylie lip kit?



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