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// Must read on Wattpad

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I don’t know about you guys, but for me Wattpad is one of my most used apps. I literally can’t go a day without reading – or continuing – a story before going to bed; even though it can’t replace a book, but oh well the stories there are a-m-azing! I’ve been using this app for more than three years and I’d like to share some of my favorites. Just click on the name of the story and you’ll find yourself on Wattpad!

1-The last she // science fiction

2- The bad boy’s girl // teen fiction

3- Breeder nation // science fiction

4- The girl he never noticed // romance

5- Speechless // werewolf

6- The cell phone swap // teen fiction

7- In 27 days // adventure

8- My true love ghost // paranormal

9- Maid in lace // romance 

10- The hoodie girl // teen fiction

These are my favorites along with other stories as well, but if I wanted to list all of them I’ll never finish this blog, haha.


6 thoughts on “// Must read on Wattpad

  1. Wattpad is a company that treats their writers like trash unless they are popular. If a writer wants to be treated with respect, they should leave Wattpad behind.


      1. Most people who just read on Wattpad don’t know, but yeah, the non-popular writers on that website get treated like garbage. I feel bad for any writer that uploads their stories to that website.


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