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Some Beauty Secrets!


How to be a little more “ladylike” in life? That’s not an easy question, nor does it have an easy answer. It’s not easy to always “have it together”, to always stay organized and to always look pulled together. So here’s some beauty secrets that will probably change a lot of things in your life!

1- You actually have to get eight hours of sleep. Unless you plan on using a huge amount of your concealer everyday.

2-  Morning showers are the key to starting a fresh day, so why not wake up and take a warm shower?

3- Teeth-whitening toothpaste is a must. Like why not?

4- Be sure to use a good foundation. And by that, I mean a foundation that will look like a “no-foundation foundation”, learn the difference between that and between paint.

5- Some people depend on mascara to make their eyes pop out. So before applying mascara make sure to curl your eyelashes.

6- Even if you’re having a no makeup day, make to sure to apply lip gloss.

7- Wash your face every night before bed and make sure to apply some cream to moistrize it.

8- Be sure to pick a good scented perfume.

9- Sleep on a silky material, it will reduce the damages that can happen to your hair.

10- Drink water. Like 6-8+ glasses a day. It’ll make your skin look better.

I hope these tips will help you! Do you guys have some more tips?  Make sure to leave them down below!




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