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My Bucket List /2017

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The new year has finally started.. so to make this year more exciting I decided to create a bucket list for 2017! So here’s some ideas you can do it alone or with a friend, cousin, or anyone while trying to make this year a good one.

1- Go someplace you’ve never been before.
2- Make a memories album.
3- Go zip lining
4- Be able a run a mile easily.
5- Watch the sunrise/sunset.
6- Go on a camping trip.
7- Go paintballing.
8- Participate in the color run.
9- Dance in the rain.
10- Go iceskating.
11- Attend a concert.
12- Take photography classes.
13- Yell at the top of a mountain.
14- Be in a professional photoshoot.
15- Be a vegetarian for a week.
16- Have a water balloons fight.
17- Have a movie marathon.
18- Go on a roadtrip with friends.
19- Keep a journal.
20- Stay positive.


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