Some REALISTIC New Year Resolutions!

Christmas spirit is starting to fade away while New Year is just around the corner!

the week between Christmas and New Year is usually when we look back at the good and bad things we did during the past 12 months and we start listing  goals we want to achieve within the next year.

So here’s a list of some new year resolutions that may inspire you!

1- Stop staying “new year..new me” {we all know nothing is gonna change}

2- Journal before going to sleep  {take a few minutes before you sleep to write down about your day}

3- Stay in touch with your friends or family {each day call someone, it will make you feel better}

4- Drink ice water {it makes your body burn calories faster}

5- Get your most difficult chores done first {it eases your workload for the day}

6- Take naps {it boosts your creativity and helps with your memory}

7- The 25/5 rule {25 minutes on, 5 minutes off work}

8- Admit when you’re wrong {everyone make mistakes}

9- Watch less TV {take a walk or listen to some music instead]

10- Smile more!  {why not?}

11- Be more confident {stop being so insecure about yourself nobody is better than you}

12- Let go of grudges

13- Make time for breakfast {it reduce the amount of getting hungry through the day}

14- Find the good in people {be more positive!}

15- Do what people think you can’t do!



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