The best things about Christmas

Christmas is finally upon us, and there is no better time of the year than Christmas. So here is a list about the best things to love about Christmas!

  1. Jesus Christ birth: Christmas is all about Jesus; it’s all about him being born! I mean, this is the reason why we celebrate with our family and friends.


  1. Christmas trees: there’s no better feeling than putting up the tree in your house, and gathering around it with your family to decorate it and add the lights.


  1. Snowing: everybody’s dream is to wake on the 25th of December, and finding out that’s it’s been snowing. I had about 2-3 white Christmas’ it makes the holiday better!


  1. Hot chocolate: winter is the best season to drink a lot of hot drinks, and with Christmas just around the corner it will be the best time to drink some in Christmas mugs.


  1. Presents: we all know that Christmas isn’t about the presents but it’s about getting to spend some time with your family. But we secretly like them and can’t wait to see what we got!


  1. Christmas songs: let’s all accept the fact that Christmas songs are the most adorable songs! And you definitely can’t get through the month without a good playlist!


  1. Ugly Christmas sweaters: I think we all use December as an excuse to wear the ugly Christmas sweater that we all own.


  1. Family and friends: we shouldn’t use Christmas as an excuse to spend time with the people we love, but spending time with your family on Christmas makes it better!


  1. Christmas movies: what’s better than lying on your sofa with some popcorn while watching the traditional old Christmas movies? Nothing.


  1. Winter break: who wouldn’t want a break especially during Christmas? Where you can relax with no home works or essays.



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