Christmas movies you need to watch!


Plan the perfect nights of December, by watching one of these movies with anyone this year! Trust me you won’t regret it, just get some snacks and some popcorn and I’m you will get into the Christmas spirit!

  1. Home alone

Literally, it’s the best Christmas movie. The little guy, Macaulay Culkin got his Christmas wish. Who wouldn’t like to spend some home alone time, eating pizza and snacks and watching movies? And constantly match between Kevin and the Bandits. Epic!

  1. A Christmas Story

A Christmas story is a movie to remind all the kids, that a being a kid sucks.

It’s still a funny Christmas-y movie to watch!

  1. A Christmas Carol

“A Christmas Carol” has the one quality parents hope for in a family movie: It’s entertaining for adults.

  1. Elf

What would this movie mean, without the one and only Will Ferrell? You just can’t enjoy this month without watching that movie!


  1. How the grinch stole Christmas

Without Carrey this would be just another Hollywood Christmas movie, but Carrey, simply elevate the movie to something much better.

  1. Miracle on 34th street

No movie will ever be able to replace the “Miracle on 34th Street,” nor someone to replace Edmund Gwenn’s. This update keeps the movie true to the spirit.

  1. Christmas with the Kranks

And what is finally so happy about the movie? It’s that the Kranks’ neighbors succeed in enforcing their lockstep conformity upon them.


  1. A boyfriend for Christmas

This movie really shows what it is like to fall in love with a twist of comedy and Christmas. If you’re looking for a cheesy Christmas-y movie, you find your match.


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