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Down to earth tips to lose weight!


Sick of sticking to a diet? Yeah same.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past three months and I decided to share some tips that helped me through these months.

1-  Put away the scale. You don’t have to check your weight daily, you just have to eat healthy and that’s when you feel great about yourself.

2-  Limit your portion, instead of eating in a big plate, get a smaller one and fill it with whatever you want to eat. you’ll automatically eat less. Strange, I know.

3-  Fruits. You have to eat at least two fruits per day. It will help you get over the phase of “I need chocolate”.

4-  Brush your teeth after dinner. It most likely will prevent you from eating again and it makes you less hungry.

5-  You don’t have to go to a gym, taking a walk in the morning daily will help. You can also get a sport buddy that will keep you motivated.

6-  Water. Drink as much water as you can especially half an hour before meals. And cut out the drinks that contain calories/sugar like juice, beverage, beer, wine; drink tea instead it can boost your metabolism.

7- Eat your food slowly; it will make you feel fuller.

8- Take care of your sleeping schedule; get a good night of sleep. Not sleeping enough is a might be factor to gain weight

9- Eat a high protein breakfast. It will reduce the craving through the day.

10- You can eat snacks but eat them in a way to balance with the calories you had that day. Eat them smartly.

These tips really helped me, and I’m still following them till now.

I hope these tips can help you as much as they helped me! -M


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